Overwintered Geraniums Updated

It’s been about one month since I “woke” my favorite geraniums from their long winters nap, and I’m happy to say they are doing great.  In fact, they are doing so well I thought I would share my success with all of you.  I potted five overwintered geraniums, but unfortunately I lost one.  The one I lost was the weakest going into storage so I half expected to lose it.  That said, the remaining four look great, In fact one of them even has buds already! I wanted to post a few “progress” pictures below just to show how successful overwintering geraniums can be.


All four overwintered geraniums are doing great, even the little one on the far end.

Believe it or not this little one was a "break off" of one of the larger geraniums.  It had rooted itself in my container so I figured I'd try to overwinter it.  as you can see here it's alive, and doing great!

Yes that's a bud! I was really surprised that after four weeks this geranium is getting ready to flower!  However, I remembered that over the witner I had to pinch off buds and flowers even they hung upside down in the dark.

Well there you have it, my overwintered geraniums and their progress.  I hope I've inspired a few people to try overwintering their favorite geraniums nexts year.  I'd love to hear from you on about your "overwintering" success, and be sure to mention any tips or tricks you might have.

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