Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Wintertime is a super fun time of year for dogs and dog owners.  Watching a dog run, and play in fresh snow will make anyone laugh out loud. However, dog owners also need to remember it’s very important to keep your dogs clean during this time of year. I’ve outlined a few tips for keeping your best friend healthy and clean through the rest of this winter season.

Protect His Paws

Anyone who lives in cold winter climates must use at least some kind of deicing product like sand or salt, and even if we don’t our friends and neighbors most likely do. Deicers can cause dogs paws to dry out and crack which can be very painful. After winter walks you should make sure to wash your dog’s paws off with warm water to limit exposure to deicers.  You can also have your dog wear “booties” which can be found at most pet stores, and if he/she will not wear them then just put some Vaseline or Aquaphore on the paws to limit exposure.  Also, be sure to trim the hair from around and between his toes to protect against matted snow and ice.  If you’re interested in a great pet safe deicer click here.

Dry Skin

Just like with people, the cold winter air can cause your dog’s skin to dry out and itch. You can prevent this by bathing, using a moisturizing shampoo like this one for dogs.  Be sure to never use your own products as they can do more harm than good. Also, you should be brushing your dog’s coat every day as it will stimulate his/her skin to produce oils that will keep him more comfortable.

Clip his nails more frequently

Your dog is getting a bit less exercise these winter days, so their nails aren’t being worn down as quickly. Be sure to clip the nails more frequently as a result. If you are uncertain on how to trim your dog's nails, ask your veterinarian or have a professional clip them for you.  A dogs nails that are not clipped correctly can be very dangerous.  Use these special nail clippers made just for dogs.

Keep to a regular trimming schedule, even in the winter

If your dog needs regular trimming during the year, be sure to stick to that schedule.  You might think it’s OK to let your dog’s fur to get a bit longer for the winter, but it can actually be worse.  A dog with long hair may experience matting in his coat, which can lead to a plethora of problems.  If you’re afraid that your dog will be cold, a sweater or fleece is a better option than a long matted coat.

Bundle up

Dressing your BFF in a sweater or fleece will protect him from the elements in the cold winter months. This can be even truer for small dogs or dogs with shorter coats. As mentioned above, boots are also a great way to protect his paws from frostbite, and deicers such as salt.

Following these tips as well as the tips in “10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter Season” will keep your dog clean and safe all winter long.  Do you have any other tips for us?  We’d love to hear them if you do!

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