Choosing the Right Snow Shovel

Since we’re buried under literally FEET of snow here in the Northeast I thought I’d write a quick post on what tools are best for removing white stuff.  Obviously your best bet is to get a snow blower or get plowed out, but if don’t want to spend that kind of money there are multiple kinds of shovels, picks, & salts that will do the job. Living in the Northeast has given me ample opportunity to “test” many of them.  The list I’ve compiled below is a list of the most popular, and what I think are the easiest to use for the situation.

Choosing the Best Snow Removal Tool

  1. The classic 24 inch snow shovel

Best for shoveling light snow, a bit rough on the back.

  1. The 18 inch bent handle snow shovel

Shovels and pushes snow, the bent handle reduces back strain.

  1. Mini square nose general purpose shovel

Great for icy, or heavy snow like the plow leaves at the end of the driveway

  1. The ice scraper

Excellent tool for scraping, chopping, and breaking apart ice, be careful though it can damage your driveway.

  1. 30” Snow shovel or snow pusher

This is my favorite out of the bunch.  Excellent for pushing the snow which means no shoveling, BUT you can’t let the snow pile up or this one becomes useless.

  1. Rock salt

Great tool for walks and steps if you have them.  If you know a storm is coming apply before it hits, and minimize “pile up” on your steps and walkways.  Take note if temps fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it won’t work.

So there you have it, take it from a seasoned pro in “snow removal” that those are the tools to make removing snow easier.  Again I highly recommend a snow blower or paying a plow guy, but if you can’t or you’re just looking for a little exercise these tools are the ones to get.  Let me know if I missed any that you use, I’m always looking to make my job easier.

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