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FINALLY the weather has broke in blustery zone 5A.  We’ve had like 6 days in row of seventy degrees or higher, and this week is looking good to.  Although the prolonged cold temps are annoying my gardens love it! Everything looks so much nicer this spring already as opposed to last year’s frost heavy spring.  So it’s May, it’s warm, and things need to be done in the garden!  I’ve put together a list of what’s on my May “to do” list, and thought I’d share…

“May To Do’s”

  • After the soil warms to ~60 degrees Fahrenheit plant out veggies like tomatoes, peppers, & cucumbers.
  • Plant out Dahlia, Gladiolas, Calla, Caladium, and other summer blooming bulbs.
  • Divide and replant summer and fall perennials.
  • Direct sow sunflower seeds, Morning glory seeds, and other frost sensitive seeds.
  • Weed and feed before forsythia blooms fall (if your into weed and feed J)
  • The soil should be warm enough to get mulch on, and it’s a good idea now before the weeds take hold!
  • Repair lawn damage, or plant lawns.
  • Plant shrubs, fruit trees, and vines.
  • Be sure to add grass clippings to your leaf piles.  I do this early in the spring then I turn the mower over to mulching later.
  • Make sure your trellises are out for Clematis and other vines.

These are just a few things I’m doing in the next couple of weeks.  We would love to hear what you’re doing in the garden this month regardless of zone!!

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