QVC & The Perfect Garden Hose do it Again!!






All of us at JGB Enterprises would like to thank those of you who tuned in to QVC’s "Spring Fever" with host Janine Furillo this past Saturday.  Janine and The Perfect Garden Hose took the stage roughly an hour into the show, and immediately impressed.  In the first three minutes of the show 800 Perfect Garden Hoses were sold! QVC ultimately ended up selling 2,228 units of The Perfect Garden Hose in 11 minutes!

We are extremely happy with the results from our first “airing” of 2013, and again we have all of you to thank for this success.  We hope to air on QVC two more times in 2013, once when spring hits, and once mid-season, but as always this is subject to change.

We would also like to give a big thanks to Janine Furillo, our on air personality, who did a fantastic job showcasing the product, and all of those at QVC who helped The Perfect Garden Hose in its success.

Be Sure to check in often for updates on future “on air” dates and deals!

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