Tips on Forcing Spring Bulbs Into Bloom






Forcing spring blooming bulbs indoors in the winter months not only adds beauty to your décor, but it can be a pretty cool winter project as well.  Almost any spring blooming bulbs can be forced, however some of most popular are, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, & crocuses.  So that said let’s take a look at some tips for this fun indoor gardening project…

Tips to Force your Spring Bulbs Successfully

  • It’s better not to mix different varieties of bulbs in one container.  The reason behind this is that different bulbs flower at different times.  A quick note here, I actually like to mix them if you’re planting in outdoor containers.  The continuous blooming in the spring is nice, and it brings a nice medley of color!
  • Start by filling only 3/4 of the container with potting soil.
  • Contrary to garden planting, be sure to plant the bulbs closely together.  Spacing doesn’t matter while forcing bulbs.
  • When bulbs are set in position place additional potting soil mix around them.  The bulbs do not need to be covered so there is no need to fill the container to the top with the mix.
  • When potting soil mix is in place the bulbs should be thoroughly “watered in”.
  • When the pots are complete they should be stored in a cold place.  You have options here, they can go in the refrigerator, unheated garage, unheated porch, etc…Be sure to keep the soil moist, especially if you put the pots in the refrigerator as they tend to dry out faster.  Each bulb variety needs a period of cold, the period varies but for the varieties I mentioned above they will need approximately 11-17 weeks if “chilling”.
  • After the “chilling” period has been met, water the pots thoroughly and bring them inside.  I like to put them in the coolest part of the house until I actually see active growth. Once the active growth begins you can move them anywhere you like.
  • You don’t want to rush the transition from cold to warm as you risking blasting the buds and losing the blooms.
  • Keep in mind that blooms indoors will not last as long as they do outdoors.  That said try to stagger the forcing of multiple containers for a longer display of blooms.

***One thing I tried this year was to soak the bulbs in Annie Haven’s, Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea for 24 hours before I planted the bulbs.  I also added the tea to the potting soil mix, and I’m using the tea to keep the pots moist as well.  I’m very excited to see how the bulbs fair, as MOO POO TEA has really impressed me as far as increasing blooms outdoors.  You can find MOO POO TEA online at

So there you have it! Forcing bulbs isn’t hard it just takes a little bit of time & patience.  I will say that it is completely worth it, the beautiful medley of color, and scents that fill the home when these flowers pop is amazing! Enjoy AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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