Spring Cleaning Essentials…Outdoors!

Old man winter can wreak absolute havoc on your gardens, lawn and shrubs!  Freezing temperatures, high winds and heavy snow can snap branches, and blow leaves & debris everywhere, and we all know cleaning up the mess can be very tedious.  But the reward is worth the clean, remember there is new green popping up under all the leaves and dead fall foliage, so the quicker you get it cleaned up the faster you get to watch your garden grow.  I’ve put together some spring cleaning up steps below. And now that we know what fundamental tools we need (last week’s post), this should be a breeze…

Spring Cleanup Steps:

Step 1: Inspect your gardening tools

If you didn’t put your tools away neat and clean in the fall this is a step you must take.  Poorly maintained tools can cause injury, spread disease, and waste time better spent elsewhere.  Remove all rust, sand out wooden handles, sharpen blades, & clean up your power tools…


Step 2: Clean Your Flower & Garden Beds

The first thing you need to do here, especially because of the mild winter, is rake the dead leaves, branches, and limbs from the beds.  It’s very important to get rid of this debris as it can cause disease and/or stunt new growth.  This is where the mild winter comes in; early blooms are popping up under that debris so again get it up and gone!

Pull and weeds that are showing, and remove old mulch and replace with new.  I also like to scratch in my compost here to give the soil some nutrients, but make sure to test it first it may not need it.  The new mulch will help cut down on any new weeds.

Step 3: Clean up the Lawn

First, walk the lawn and remove any debris such as fallen branches & limbs.  Next get out your trusty lawn mower or “bessy” as I like to call mine, and give that lawn a good haircut!  After the mow you’ll most likely notice the dead patches of grass “thatch”.  Use your wire rake (from last week’s post) to rake the dead grass out, and then throw some seed in, and by the start of summer you’ll have the fullest looking lawn on the block!

***On a side note, you can also aerate the lawn, however I think this is better done in the fall, and if you do it in the fall there isn’t a need to do it again in the spring.

Step 4: Trim, Plant and Replant Your Shrubs

Now is the perfect time to trim, plant, and replant bushes.  If you’re not sure how to prune your bushes or a particular bush, be sure to do your research for cutting to much could mean the end for some.  Hopefully you did some planning, and know what and where you want new plants to be.  If you did make your way to your local nursery buy them, and get them in the ground.  By planting in early spring you will enjoy nice lush new foliage!

I’ve found that by just staying organized, and sticking to a routine spring cleanup can be quick and painless.  Hopefully these “quick tips” will help, especially those who are new to gardening or have acquired new gardens like myself…

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