Guide to Buying the Perfect Garden Hose Reel

A garden hose reel is a gardening tool that makes it easy to pull your garden hose out when you need it, and reel it back in when you’re done.  The right garden hose reel will not only keep your hose ready to use, but it will add to the life to your garden hose as well!

Uncoiling and coiling your garden hose can be one of the most frustrating gardening tasks there are.  The garden hoses kink, tangle, knot, get caught on everything, and then if you just leave them coiled on the ground they can dry rot, crack and break in a matter of days.  The right garden hose reel can solve all of these frustrating dilemmas, and save you a ton of time.

There are a multitude of garden hose reels available both online, and in retail stores.  Choosing the right garden hose reel for you from the huge selection out there can be a daunting task, but hopefully we can make it a bit easier on you.

There are three main categories of Garden Hose reels:

  1. Wall Mount
  2. Portable
  3. Auto Rewind

Let’s take a look at each category in a bit more detail.

Wall Mount

A Wall mounted reel is just that, it’s mounted to the side, front, or back of your house on the outside wall.  These reels let the hose out and reel the hose in two different ways, parallel or perpendicular.  If you want the hose to pull straight out you’ll want to purchase a perpendicular reel.  If the reel is mounted to the side of the house you’ll want to purchase a parallel reel. See below for images of each:

Parallel Wall Mount                           Perpendicular Wall Mount



Portable reels are garden hose reels that can be rolled around your grounds on wheels.  Cart reels are ideal if you have a very large area to water, and have multiple spigots in which to do so. There are two main types of portable reels: cart reels & wagon reels.  Purchasing one of these two types is really a matter of preference as both types are made for carrying your hose over a wide area.  See below for images:

       Cart Reel                                                    Wagon Reel


Auto Rewind

Just what it says, the auto rewind reel will automatically reel your garden hose back in.  There are many different ways these reels are powered, electric, water, etc…  Please note an auto rewind reel may not be best for you if you use very heavy garden hoses. See below for image:  

Auto Rewind Reel

Garden hose reels can get extremely pricy, and there are very nice alternatives if you don’t mind using a little bit more “elbow grease”.  For example, you could purchase a hose holder, hose stand, or a hose pot.  All three of these alternatives will serve the same purpose, however you will need to “manually” coil the hose onto or into each.  These alternatives are also readily available online and on the internet, and can be up to 30%-50% less expensive than the reels above. See below for images:

     Hose Holder                                  Hose Stand                                          Hose Pot


***TUFF GUARD'S The Perfect Garden Hose has been specifically engineered to work well with any garen hose reels or holders.  Because of the external helical wrap on The Perfect Garden Hose it will not take on a memory like the average vinyl, rubber, plastic, or nylon garden hose.  Instead the TUFF GUARD product always wants to straighten itself out.  Another attribute that makes The Perfect Garden hose ideal for garden hose reels is its lightweight.  A 100 foot TUFF GUARD weighs only 14 lbs, and will wind up in seconds with no kinks, tangles, or snags.

We hope this helps in the selction of your garden hose reel! TUFF GUARD The Perfect Garden Hose

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