Hose Vendor JGB Private Brand
Type Water (Discharge)
Applications Home, Landscaping, Snowmobile, Gardening, Car/Boat/RV, Construction


Tube Clear TPE
Reinforcement Polypropylene 2 Helix Design, Color Blue 2 ply spiral polyester fiber
Cover TPE with color Blue
Temperature -20F to +158F
Packaging Coils, coupled with heavy duty male and female garden hose fittings
Weight/ft (lbs) 0.130 lbs max
Colors 25 feet – Blue, 50 feet – Blue, Red, Grey, Beige, Green, Pink, 100 feet – Blue

The Perfect Garden Hose

 – Best Garden Hose
Kink Free Helix wrap process crush, kink and abrasion protection
Maximum Flow Precision full flow brass fittings are crush resistant and wrench-friendly
Professional Grade Unique extruded 3-layer design Woven fiber core for strength
Easy Handling Maintains flexibility in extreme temperatures and coils easliy
35% Lighter Than conventional hoses

Hose Performance Limitations

Working pressure 100 psi @ 70F
Burst pressure >300 psi @ 70F
Vacuum 29" Hg


The Perfect Garden Hose’s unique polypropylene double helix construction makes this the most flexible and only “unkinkable” garden hose.

The double helix construction also allows the The Perfect Garden Hose™ to be 35% – 50% lighter than other garden hoses, flexible and weather resistant from -20°F to 158°F, abrasion, chemical, and crush resistant all while retaining its superior durability.

Unlike all other garden hoses, the heavy duty brass ferrules thread onto the outer helix to anchor the couplings making end pull-offs and leaks virtually impossible.

All of these features make this hose ideal for residential and industrial users. The Perfect Garden Hose™ is as suited for washing your car, boat, RV, snowmobile, house or garden watering as it is for wash-down use in industrial plants, rock quarries, cement trucks, landscaping and horse barns.

  • Roguewave1

    These are the garden hoses my wife and I have been looking for for years. I have four so far. Light, durable & non-kinking…what could be better. Except, why would the green ones only be made in 50′ lengths? I need a 25′ green one now, but that one is not an option. I would have bought two 100′ green hoses had I ben given the choice. Green is the color of choice in a yard. Dark green would have been even better. What are you guys thinking?

    • tuffguardhose

      I’m glad you’re liking the hose!  As you know The Perfect Garden Hose is very new with last season being it’s “big splash” into the market.  We’ve received many requests like yours, whether for more sizes, more colors or more colors in more sizes.  We take all of these requests very seriously, and we’re working hard to provide the best quality hose with all of the attributes our users want! Jim

  • Seems like a quality hose but if it’s so good it should come with a lifetime warranty, especially for $50.

    • tuffguardhose

      The Perfect Garden Hose is constructed with the finest materials to ensure a consistently high level of quality and performance. If this product does not perform due to a defect in materials or workmanship, we will replace it a period up to one year.
      If you feel your product qualifies for replacement please send an email to tuffguardhose@jgbhose.com for detailed instructions on the replacement.

    • Curt Miller

      +1. When you improve the warranty I will buy a couple.

      • tuffguardhose

        Hello Curt,

        We feel that a warranty against manufacturers defects is very appropriate due to the nature of the product. We understand that many other manufacturers of similar products label those products with a “lifetime warranty”. However in our research portion of development we found that those that labeled their products as such also put in the “fine print” “against manufacturers defects”. We also found that these same companies required their “defective” products to be returned, but the process to return the product was extremely difficult, or non existent all together. We feel this is misleading and irresponsible, hence our flat warranty against any manufacturers defects. We stand behind The Perfect Garden Hose 100%, and we take great pride in providing only the best customer service…Jim

        • Curt Miller

          But, Sears takes them all back no questions asked????

  • Ben Boudreau

    Hi My name is Ben and I have a question. Whats Clear TPE stand for??

    • tuffguardhose

      Hey Ben, TPE stands for “thermoplastic elastomers”

      • Ben Boudreau

        hey thanks for the reply is the hose PVC FREE and VINYL free?? If it not heres a suggestion you could use polyurathane tube instead!! Thanks Ben

  • Trey Hart

    Is there a 3/4″x100′ version available? Also. The static pressure at my house is 120PSI with spikes as high as 160 PSI. This hose says it has a working pressure of 100PSI. Looking at the all the complaints about hose failures on Amazon, I am leary of buying a hose rated for only 100 PSI even if the bursting pressure says >300PSI.

  • Richard Ray

    Doe’s this hose come in 1/2″ or 3/4″ ? I find that a 1/2″ hose has no volume at the hose outlet end. If you sell one with a 3/4″ or 5/8″ Dia.I would buy one. I checked your spec’s online and the Dia. was not listed. Thanks.

  • Cam

    Is this hose drinking water safe?

    • tuffguardhose

      Apologies Cam, but no our hose is not drinking water safe (potable) Thanks

  • Hari Keswani

    I purchased the blue 100 ft hose through Amazon on April 7 th and today the hose burst at the nozzle fitting. Based on other reports I read that this was an initial problem but has since been fixed. Jim I believe you took Curt’s warranty concerns lightly. At this price point I expect my hose to last a lot longer than 3 months or a year. I believe the answer us consumers are looking for is how well do you stand behind your product. What is the expected lifetime and how does it compare to other high end hoses such as Gilmour Flexogen which have given me great service and gave a lifetime no questions asked warranty – had to only ship back the ends. The only reason I purchased your hose was it’s features of being lightweiight, kink resistance leading to ease of use. Since purchasing the one on Amazon I purchased two more through Lowe’s. Wondering if I made a poor investment. Please let me know your thoughts before I leave a one star rating on Amazon. Let me know if you want a photograph of the failure. Thanks

    • tuffguardhose

      Hi Hari,
      I hope you received my message on Facebook! If you haven’t please check it when you get a second, and use the email I left to contact me directly.
      Sorry for the inconvenience…

  • Cathy

    I purchase this hose in June, this year, and today it split at the hose end. No, there was no high pressure on the hose. The faucet was barely open. You say there is a fix or your company has addressed this with a fix. What is the fix other than me replacing the end myself? I refuse to purchase another for the nearly $100 I spent. I purchased it a Lowes, will they accept it with a replacement or am I just blowing smoke?

    • tuffguardhose

      Hello Cathy,
      My apologies on the late response. Please contact me @ tuffguardhose@jgbhose.com so that we can get the returns/exchange process going for you ASAP…Thanks, Jim

  • Neofus

    Just purchased my second 50′ from Amazon. I bought the first at the beginning of summer. It has been really fantastic. 5 stars all the way. I need a 75′. Will you be offering one.

    • tuffguardhose

      I’m glad you’re enjoying The Perfect Garden Hose!! As of right now we aren’t planning on releasing a 75′ version of the hose. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t release one ever. Keep checking in for updates, you never know.
      Thanks for the kind words,

  • Mathew Mallios

    I got a 25ft hose six months ago and now i realize that needed a 50ft. Do you recommend that i get a second 25ft and attach them together or do i have to buy a 50ft?

    • tuffguardhose

      Hello Mathew,
      You could do either. Two 25′ units will connect easily as the fittings are wrench friendly. Obviously your best bet would be to purchase a 50′
      Jim Thayer

  • Rob Clark

    I purchase 3 50′ hoses a little over a year ago and I’ve raved to anyone that would listen about how great they are during that whole time. Yesterday the end blew off one of those hoses while using a water sprinkler that had shut off at the end of its cycle leaving the hose fully charged with about 85-90lbs of water pressure against it. The hose then ran at full throttle for, I don’t know how may hours, before I noticed. Can’t wait to get that water bill. Anyways I thought “the ends coming off issue was resolved” when I bought it a year ago. From what I can see the end is only press fit onto the hoses. As well is almost every other type hose whether air or water, with a fitting on the end, except for one thing. Most other hoses almost always has something “grabbing” it to keep the hose from slipping off the barb. I’m really disappointed to the point whereby I thought I should say something. Is this reasonable to expect that I should have to purchase replacement hoses every year, especially in light of the cost of these hoses? I truly love how these hoses lay so flat, don’t kink and don’t get caught on everything like every other “vinyl” hose out there. And the fittings don’t leak….

    • tuffguardhose

      Hello Rob,
      My apologies for the inconvenience here. Our fittings have been upgraded to “grab” onto the outer helix of the hose which helps to reduce end pull offs as well as leaks. However, no “discharge” type hose should ever be left charged for extended periods of time especially a residential garden hose at 85-90 psi. Please email me at tuffguardhose@jgbhose.com to discuss this situation further. Thank you, Jim

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  • Lou Kiesling

    I just contacted your company in regard to a 6 month old hose that split at the male ferrule. I was informed by Jamie that the entire hose had to be returned.

    43.00 later it’s on its way back. I cannot imagine why sending the damaged portion back would not suffice.

    I am displeased by what you consider to be excellent customer service.

  • Tracie L. Hair

    I purchased a tuffguard hose April 2, 2015 from Amazon and using it this past weekend , it burst. How do I go about getting it replaced! Tracie Hair

  • Matthew Hoover

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to repair one of these hoses. I had one burst right below the fitting, but otherwise the rest of the hose is fine. Is the copper fitting a “one time only” crimp? If so, could I just buy another copper fitting, and have some place that repairs hydraulic hoses press it on for me?

  • 2Legit2Acquit

    Having the same problem as others on here. Bought hose thinking it would last much longer than a cheap one. It didn’t. Hose tip started spraying water, and started cracking along the hose as well. It seems the warranty is a little hazy. Perhaps it’s time to switch to a more reliable hose or one with a better warranty.

  • Travis Johnson

    I bought four of these hoses on Amazon over the last year and 3 of the 4 have now busted at either the male or female ends, all around the one year mark. I will not buy another one when I can buy the marine / rv hoses at half the price and they last several years.