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I just evaluated the JGB Tuff Guard Perfect Water Hose (PWH) Perfect Garden Hose for lawn and garden watering purposes. It appears to be quite well-constructed with rigid brass fittings and a ribbed, multi-ply and highly flexible hose. It resists kinking, and even if you intentionally kink it, the water will still flow at close to the un kinked working pressure.

It’s a 5/8 inch diameter garden watering hose that can constantly carry up to 100 pounds per square inch of pressurized water, and will not burst, generally, until you would exceed 300 PSI. It’s available in numerous colors, quickly returns to its original shape when laid around corners for prolonged periods, and it is quite light.

It retains much of its flexibility, even when full of water, and so, can easily be reeled back in when you’re finished with it. While this hose neither expands nor contracts as the XHose does, it can be tied into knots without reducing water flow much at all. Clever. Here are my detailed impressions on this JGB lawn and garden accessory product.


Benefits of the JGB Tuff Guard Perfect Water Hose (PWH) Perfect Garden Hose (PGH)

  • This hose is considered kink-free, owing to the springy helix wrap, that also resists smashing, sharp bending, and abrasion.
  • The brass fittings are quite rigid and support griping with wrenches for easy tightening and loosening from faucets, nozzles, and sprinklers.
  • These fittings are of a machined brass construction, in the form of male and female Garden Hose Thread (GHT) connections, that fit standard nozzles, faucets, and spigots.
  • In addition to the spring-like wrap, the hose is also constructed via a three-layer design according to the official web page, with a woven fiber core for added strength.
  • It’s quite light; thirty-five percent lighter than other, typical water hoses.
  • This hose does not become noticeably more rigid in cold weather; unless of course, you allow water to freeze inside of it, which you should not do. It remains flexible in most any low-temperature extreme that you’re likely to encounter here in the USA.
  • With its enhanced flexibility, lightness, and shape memory, this hose is easy to get out and put away.
  • It’s made of polypropylene, which resists aging, solarization, and color changing and fading.
  • The tube itself is made of Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and encases a braided polyester core to enhance the strength and malleability of this product.
  • Unlike the XHose, which is available only in blue at present, this Tuff Guard hose comes in an array of six colors, including red, green, blue, tan, gray, and pink. So you can easily match the color of the hose with your intended application. Or, just pick a color that contrasts with the yard for enhanced visibility of the hose as well as safety on the riding lawn mower. Note that the 25 and 100 foot lengths only come in blue as of this writing. But all colors specified above are available in the 50 foot lengths,
  • This garden watering hose is available in 25, 50, and 100 foot lengths.
  • Should you crush this hose by running over it with a heavy vehicle, it immediately UN crushes itself after you pass. It will not remain crushed, and returns to its original shape.
  • The couplings actually screw onto the double helix wrapped hose for unusually strong fittings, that virtually never leak or come apart.
  • This hose is designed for residential, professional, and industrial applications.
  • The brass fittings are easy to tighten and loosen.
  • The lightness and flexibility of this hose makes it ideal for watering applications around the house and yard, such as irrigating the lawn or garden, washing cars and basements, and setting up a lawn sprinkler for a child to play in on a hot summer day.
  • Has a hefty 300 PSI burst rating, and rated to carry up to 654 gallons per hour. That’s over ten gallons per minute, but I’d never draw that much into my yard. My well pump can only deliver about a third of that. *smile*


Disadvantages of the JGB Tuff Guard Perfect Water Hose (PWH) Perfect Garden Hose (PGH)

  • They do not currently make this hose in a 75-foot length. However, 100 feet does nicely for my yard.
  • This Tuff Guard hose is a bit costly at nearly 1$ per foot from Amazon.
  • I found no warranty information on the product web site.
  • Only the 50-foot length comes in all the available colors. The other lengths are only sold in blue. I’s suggest that they offer all colors in all lengths.


JGB Tuff Guard Perfect Water Hose (PWH) Perfect Garden Hose (PGH)Rating

Aside from being just a little put out by the price, this hose to me seems more durable than the XHose, though it does not expand and contract like the XHose. Great attention to the engineering details was obviously paid in the design and rugged construction of this perfect water hose. With the crush-proof construction, it’s harder to imagine any normal type of wear and tear that would damage this garden water hose. So I’d rate this product at 92 out of 100.

Where To Buy The JGB Tuff Guard Perfect Water Hose (PWH) Perfect Garden Hose (PGH)

This hose is available at (here), eBay (here), and Grainger (here). Unfortunately, this product does not appear to be carried by Lowe’s or Home Depot home improvement centers. But it’s readily available from numerous online vendors.

Look for it, mounted via shipping straps to a bluish colored card that displays a picture of the hose being knotted.

By Tom Hesley