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I'm always on the hunt for better ways to water and if you read the blog regularly or follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I get very frustrated with leaky, inefficient watering  tools. I've long been on the hunt for a good hose: One that isn't impossibly heavy, doesn't kink and still provides good water flow. Once again, Genevieve came to the rescue when she reviewed the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden hose. This is not an inexpensive hose, but I don't mind paying a little more for quality tools that I'll have for many years. I ordered one (if you buy one, do a little Googling … I found it at ATG Stores for a much better price than a some other places). It should tell you something that I ordered a second one within days of getting my first. The kink-free brag is totally right on. In fact you can't even squeeze this hose to stop the water like you can with other hoses. It's also quite light, which I really appreciated. Gen had warned me that it sort of has a mind of its own when it came to coiling it up, so swung by Home Depot and got a hose pot to stick it all in (so much nicer than just laying around on the patio). 

When I got the second hose I connected it and right from the get-go a huge bubble appeared in it. When I leaned in to look closer, it blew up in my face and there was a massive hole in my new hose. I sent it back (which was a super easy process … sometimes these things can turn into customer service nightmares, but that wasn't the case) and got a new one and both hoses have been great since. I'm not reading too much into that second hose blow-up. I mean, manufacturing problems happen from time to time and the important thing is that the company stands by their products (it helped that Tuff-Guard had told me on Twitter that they guaranteed I would love this hose, so I felt like if there was an issue with the return I could have contacted the company directly). 

All in all, two big thumbs up for this hose.

By The Impatient Gardener