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 Why would you pay $50 for a 50' garden hose when you can buy an el-cheapo garden hose at a Big Box Retail store for $12 or $15? Beacause the el-cheapo garden hose will kink, leak, burst, tear and generally be a waste of money. The el-cheapo garden hoses are many times, nylon reinforced vinyl and they just don't hold up or perform very well. They get ridiculously stiff in cold weather and the fittings are of poor quality.

This hose on the other hand is literally kink-free. I tied knots into this hose and the knots did not stop or even slow down the water flow.

This hose did not get stiff in cold weather and it coils easily. One of my biggest concerns with this hose before I got it was that I feared it would have a really strong "memory" and would not lay flat or coil easily. I was completely wrong on both counts. It did lay pretty flat and it did coil easily… even in cold weather.

Sometimes I'll run a long length of hose and will not have a nozzle that will allow me to direct a very effective long distance stream of water. In those situations with a conventional hose, I would rely on an old trick; I'd simply bend the hose over on itself to form a tight bend which would effectively stop the flow of water. Then I'd put my thumb over the hose fitting end and slowly ease up pressure on the bend in the hose. This would enable me to sort of control the flow rate of the water with the one hand while directlng the sharp stream of water with my thumb that is over the hose end with my other hand. Well, this hose resists kinking so well that I can't do that with this hose. That's not really a negative, but it's the closest I can come to any, even remotely, negative comment about this hose so far.

This is a great hose. I can't speak to it's longevity since I have not had for any appreciable length of time yet and I'm must entering a long Upstate NY winter (not prime hose testing weather), But if the hose should burst, leak or have a fitting fall off, I'll be sure to update my review. For now I can say with early-on confidence that this is a great quality hose. It is much lighter in weight than the 5/8" hose that I had been using. It is much much easier to coil, it doesn't kink and it remains flexible in cold weather.

I was provided a sample for testing and review.

By Mike Erb


The Tuff-Guard Hose looks like it might be one of the better garden hoses you can buy. They show it all twisted up and tangled yet it still is able to have water come out of it. If you compare that to an ordinary hose it would get all kinked up and either cut off the water supply completely or reduce it to a trickle. So does it really work as depicted?


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  I just evaluated the JGB Tuff Guard Perfect Water Hose (PWH) Perfect Garden Hose for lawn and garden watering purposes. It appears to be quite well-constructed with rigid brass fittings and a ribbed, multi-ply and highly flexible hose. It resists kinking, and even if you intentionally kink it, the water will still flow at close to the un kinked working pressure.

By Tom Hesley 

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  The TUFF-GUARD claims to be “The Perfect Garden Hose.” But is it? Jim Thayer with JGB Enterprises allowed me to decide if his company’s garden hose could take the abuse I usually dish out on regular ol’ garden hoses I use around my yardens year in and year out. Jim suggested that I “beat it up good.” …


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  I'm always on the hunt for better ways to water and if you read the blog regularly or follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I get very frustrated with leaky, inefficient watering tools. I've long been on the hunt for a good hose: One that isn't impossibly heavy, doesn't kink and still provides good water flow. Once again, Genevieve came to the rescue when she reviewed the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden hose. This is not an inexpensive hose, but I don't mind paying a little more for quality tools that I'll have for many years. I ordered one (if you buy one, do a little Googling) …

By The Impatient Gardener 

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  One of my most dreaded tasks is when clients have a hose that hasn’t been rolled up properly, so it’s bent and folded and won’t go back into place. Being the responsible horticultural professional I am, if I touch something, I have to leave it perfect. However, rolling up a heavy, kinked hose is a recipe for profuse “dammits”…

By North Coast Gardening

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  Contributing editor Rita Pelczar reports on products she has found useful or innovative in her garden, with an emphasis on earth-friendly products and supplies….

By Green Garage – The American Gardener 

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The perfect hose made on our shores to use in your Suncast hose reel is the Tuff Guard hose. Tuff Guards utilize a polypropylene double helix construction that allows the Tuff Guard to be 35% – 50% lighter than other garden hoses, flexible and weather resistant from -20°F to 158°F, and virtually crush proof. Tuff Guards uses heavy-duty brass ferrules for its end of hose connections. Tuff Guards come in a range of colors.


Best Garden Hose Ever!

You wouldn’t think that getting a new garden hose would be a reason for celebration. But, at MY house yesterday, the cheering could be heard for miles away.

It all happened last night. You see, as a gardener, I don’t really ask for much. A few good tools here and there would be nice. That’s all. OH! And a GOOD, KINK-FREE garden hose! Hey, now that’s an idea!!! How HARD can it be to find a garden hose that is not so heavy you need a wheel barrow to cart it around, or that doesn’t kink when you turn 3 feet to your right?

Well, I FINALLY FOUND it!! And, after using my brand new hose I came unglued — in a good way! I tell you — this thing is PERFECT! (And, it’s kinda pretty, too, but I digress…) It’s called the TUFF-GUARD Perfect Garden Hose(who knew?)! And, it is all the beautiful things you are looking for when you dream about a garden hose — KINK-FREE, maximum flow, extra flexible, and ultra lightweight. You could even tie this thing in a knot if you wanted to. (I really don’t have a need to do this, but you might! Have a go!)

Another great thing about this is that I didn’t have to scour the hardware stores of Houston to find it — I found it on Amazon.comand if you have a Prime Account (which I LOVE, by the way), you get free 2-day shipping! So, mine arrived just in time to water after the last rain (since I had thrown my other “lovely” hose in the trash when I had my last straw with it.) You gotta love that!

Oh, TUFF-GUARD Perfect Garden Hose, I am so happy I found you! I really wish I had found you sooner! That way, my family would not have to constantly put up with me coming into the house looking like I had just come in from a wrestling match in which my hose had won. Oh, no! Now I win! And it’s because of YOU, YOU, YOU!


They're the greatest and so nice not having the weight behind a 100' hose to drag across the yard!



I wanted to thank you for the wonderful product you've created called the Tuff Guard Garden Hose.  I found it online while searching for an alternative to the garden hoses offered in home stores and garden centers.  I bought one and it's the BEST hose I've ever used.  It's a little more expensive, but totally worth it.  My mom who suffers from arthritis had a hard time dealing with her "high quality" rubber hose.  It was the best hose that was sold at Lowes.  Unfortunately, it was heavy, stiff and miserable to wind up.  I tried every hose on the market, including that "flat" hose, the fabric hose, the coiled one… they were all terrible. 

I saw something once in a farmer's catalog for a steel hose (similar to a shower head hose) and thought maybe that would work.  In my search, I found your website and your "perfect garden hose".  I ordered one and was so impressed, I ordered another.  It's no longer a chore to water the yard.  Your hose is excellent.  Something you don't even mention in your online video or marketing stuff is the fact that it's still lightweight and flexible even when fully pressurized.  I live in Southern California where we watch our water resources carefully, so I use a shut off nozzle on all my hoses.  When the hose is fully pressurized, it's still easy to move around.  I never kinks, it never gets stiff in colder weather, it is a joy to use. 

I see that you are beginning to sell these in the retail market now and I hope soon to see them at Lowes and Home Depot.  I wanted to write to Lowes and tell them they should start offering these in their stores because it is the best garden hose money can buy.  I have two… I need two more, one for the garage and another for an upstairs balcony, so I will be buying a couple more. 

This is a tough economy and I hope this garden hose brings you a lot of business.  I've told all my neighbors about your product and the best of all is that it's made in the USA!

Jay Woody


We have been testing the perfect garden hose here at Pelican Car Wash in North Palm Beach, Florida for the past 3 months. We placed it in the absolute toughest location at the finishing end of the wash where hundreds of car wash downs occur, the hose never gets a chance to be turned off and unpressurized for 10 hours every day in the hot Florida sun, and gets coiled and uncoiled countless times per day.

The hose absolutely appears to be in brand new condition and has already outlived the "LIFE TIME" hoses we would constantly purchased at the local big box builder supply store.I was so impressed that I ordered another for my home use, fully intending to install it on my dock, but when my wife found out how light it was, it got commendeered for patio use watering her countless plants and orchids.
Great job !!!


I would just like to send this short note to let you know that your new hose has become quit a hit with many of our boat detailers here at the marina. Not only does the design keep the hose from kinking when pulled around the deck of a boat, it also slides across fiberglass without making a mark. I have used it myself with a friend in a close quarter situation where normal rubber hoses would have folded and stopped the flow of the water pump we were using. I'm sure the Tuff Guard will be beneficial while performing many other duties around our marina.
Very nice product!


My main use for the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden Hose is for bathing my dogs.  I have a 92-lb German Shepherd and another 40-lb dog that I typically bathe in the fenced yard.  When the ordinary hose “kinks”, it allows the dogs to get away from me while I try to straighten out the hose and re-gain pressure to hose them down.  The Tuff-Guard hose keeps the same water pressure from start to finish thus making bathing time much shorter.  Consequently, happier canines and a happier me.  I highly recommend the Tuff-Guard Perfect Garden Hose to the individual homeowner and pet enthusiast.  It’s the last hose I intend to own. 

Kathryn Kulpinski
Clay, New York


I’ve been using [the TUFF GUARD brand Perfect Garden Hose] for a couple weeks now and it is GREAT! My other hoses have been on their best behavior because I do believe they realize it won’t be long before they are all replaced by this excellent product. I think every time I replace a hose it will be with a different color so I can have a rainbow in my garden every day. 

Thanks again, Ed