February Gardening Tips: “Getting a Jump on Spring”

February is here, and for me that means I need to start getting myself ready for spring gardening.  I know, I know it seems early but getting a jump on the little things gives me more time to the big things I want to do when the weather breaks.  I don’t have a lot of time do to what I like to call all of my inside “honey-do’s”, so I’m simply going to list some activities that I think might give you a jump on spring as well.

February List to Get a Jump on Spring

  1. Take an inventory of your seeds, & take advantage of seed sales to fill any holes.
  2. Sow early season seeds inside, and maybe try some winter sowing.
  3. If you haven’t cleaned, sharpened, & oiled your garden tools, it’s a perfect time to get it done know.
  4. Prune fruit trees, and landscape plants, but don’t prune spring bloomers or you’ll cut off all of the buds.
  5. Keep feeding your birds, they’re almost there don’t quit on them now!
  6. If you have areas heavily hit with slugs do what you can combat them now.
  7. Keep up on your houseplants, treat them for mites, aphids, and other pests, but wait for warmer weather to transplant.
  8. Check in on your geraniums, tubers, and other overwintered plants.
  9. Toward the middle to end of the month get your overwintered geraniums out, cut back, watered and in pots.
  10. Start a new one to two month indoor project to get you through the rest of winter!

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it! Do you have a list of February gardening tips?  If you do please share, I’d love to see what I’m missing.

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