Five Ways to Beat Back the Winter Blues

Are you experiencing, a lack of motivation, low energy, or even a feeling of slight depression?  If you are, you could be suffering from “the winter blues”.  It’s the last week of January, and the cold and snow has been blowing for here for three months for some of us.  Although we can’t control the weather, there are many things we can do to beat the winter blues.

Beating the Winter Blues

1. Take up a winter activity.  There are so many activities that allow you   
    to embrace the winter seasons.  Some of these activities include, skiing,
    ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, & snowshoeing.  Winter activities not
    only fight away the winter blues, but once you’ve found something you
    like you’ll actually look forward to the winter months.

2. Start an indoor project.  Let’s face there is always something to inside
    you’re home or apartment.  Whether you have a foyer to redo, or a closet
    to clean, starting and finishing an indoor project can keep you busy until
   until the spring thaw.

3. Exercise.  Join a gym, do some yoga, purchase a treadmill or an
    exercise video.  Did you know that one hour of exercise outside is equal
    to two and a half hours inside?  Exercise raises our serotonin levels, and
    serotonin is thought to produce feelings of wellbeing and happiness.
    Increasing you serotonin levels will also curb cravings for serotonin
    inducing, high-sugar junk foods.

4. Get as much sunlight as possible.  One thing that winter lacks is
    sunlight, so push back your curtains and let the light in.  Sunlight also
    raises vitamin D which boosts the body’s immune system helping to fight
    viral infections including the flu.

5. Read a book, or create movie night.  Reading books is a great way to
    beat the winter blues.  I try to read exciting, fast passed books that create
    excitement to keep me going.  I also try to dedicate one weekend night as
    “movie night”.  Movie night gives us something to look forward to during
    the week.  Both of these activities are best accompanied by a nice warm
    fireplace, and a hot cup of tea.

So there’s five ways I’m fighting away my own winter blues.  Winter doesn’t have to be depressing, simply accept the season and create a list of activities of your own and you’ll be on your way to fighting the winter blues.  If you have more suggestions we’d love to hear about them.

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