The Perfect Garden Hose Announces New Fitting Design

Our culture of “continuous improvement” at JGB Enterprises enables us to supply our customers the highest quality in hose, fittings, and hose assemblies.  The Perfect Garden Hose is no stranger to JGB’s process of continuous improvement.  Since its introduction in 2011, The Perfect Garden Hose has experienced many improvements, and our most current improvement has us very excited.  Our engineers have come up with an excellent new ferrule design.  The fitting is still internally expanded to provide full flow, and the ferrule still locks into the fitting upon expansion, but the ferrule is now ribbed.  The ribbed design allows for the ferrule to “grab” onto the outer helix that makes The Perfect Garden Hose kink-proof, extra flexible, and ultra-lightweight.  We feel that the ribbed ferrule design will offer a greater resistance to end pull-offs, as well as leaks.   You can visit our webpage here to view more technical data, and when you’re convinced The Perfect Garden Hose is for you, visit our “where-to-buy” page and be on your way to kink-free, extra flexible, & ultra-lightweight goodness!

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