The Perfect Garden Hose as the Perfect Holiday Present – Make Your Own Perfect Wreath

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that perfect garden fanatic, your perfect landscaper, or just plain anyone on your list that can't stand their old garden hose?  This post was originally written by the wonderful Jennifer Shanley.  The post is so popular that I think it's going to be Perfect Garden Hose tradition to share it the first week of December each year!! So back by popular demand, here’s how to make your own Perfect Garden Hose Wreath.

First, get your Perfect Garden Hose at on of these great retailers.  Our 50' Perfect Garden hose is available in blue, red, green, beige, grey & pink.  Obviously we recomend using the green color for your Perfet Wreath.

Next, carefully remove the packaging from your hose. But, hang on to it so you can show your lucky recipient that this is no ordinary garden hose!

Once you've removed the packaging use a two-inch ribbon in the color of your choice (we used Red with gold trim), tie the ribbon around The Perfect Garden Hose and secure with a knot. This knot will not show once you have applied your bow.           

Next, start at knot and carefully wind your ribbon around your Perfect Garden Hose, leaving one to two-inches of space between the ribbon for your TUFF GUARD hose to show through.

After you have wrapped the ribbon all of the way around the hose, tie the end of the ribbon to the original knot at the top.  Make a bow or buy an existing one to fasten onto the original knot at the top with floral wiring. To learn how to create your own perfect bow, click here. Trim the ends of your bow to the desired lengths, and add your own personal touches such as pinecones, greenery, lights, ornaments, etc…

Finally, hang your Perfect Garden Hose Wreath indoors, outside or present as the Perfect Holiday Gift.

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Why The Perfect Garden Hose? Glad you asked! JGB Enterprises has taken their 30+ years of experience with hoses for military, and industrial applications, and created The Perfect Garden Hose – a professional grade hose, brought home to you! This revolutionary, made in the USA hose won’t kink, is super-lightweight and extremely durable. This isn’t just a hose; it’s the last hose you’ll ever need! Get one now for everyone on your holiday list! Happy Holidays!

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