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Hanging baskets can liven up porches, entries, decks, under trees, and just about anywhere else you’re looking for a pop of color.  The right combination of basket, plant, and color will add interest to your home and garden all season.

I’ve done a lot of research for my own and baskets, and I’ve come across a ton of great tips.  I thought I’d share what I think is most important when putting together a hanging basket:

  1. Bigger is better: Use at least a 14" basket. Smaller baskets tend to dry out much faster, increasing the chance of plant damage.  Also, this increases the area you can plant so you can get as creative as possible with colors, types of plants, etc…
  2. Choose the right basket: There are many different types of baskets to choose from.  Be sure to choose a basket that enhances, and blends with your home and gardens.
  3. Pack it to the brim: Again, the bigger the better.  Packing all you can into the 14 inches will create a big splash. Choose plants with trailing stems, bright colors, and strong fragrances for the biggest impact. 
  4. Choose the right plants: Consider mixing dramatically different textures of foliage when choosing your plants. This adds texture to your arrangement and heightens the visual interest.  Plants with vivid colors and large blooms work best in hanging baskets that will be seen from a distance. Geraniums and tuberous begonias are excellent choices here.  Use long trailing vines like periwinkle or trailing nasturtiums to reinforce the drama and romance of a hanging basket. These vines may grow up to 3 feet or more!
  5. Choose the right spot: For example, be sure to hang a basket full of sun loving plants in a Southern location, and shade loving baskets in Northern locations.
  6. Use the right soil: A lightweight soil mixture, with water storing granules and slow release fertilizer works best.  There are container and basket composts out there for purchase, or you can simply create your own.
  7. Water early and often: Water every morning, every day. It’s best to water in the morning so that the water absorbed and evaporated during the day, reducing the risk of mold & mildew.  If your baskets dry out completely submerge them in a bucket of water, which should limit damage.
  8. Choose the right hooks: For example, if your baskets are hung in windy locations, use swivel hooks to allow the baskets to rotate 360 degrees.  There are many hooks and brackets to choose from, and choosing the right ones only increases the impact of you baskets.
  9. Rotate: Rotate the basket so that all sides get sun. Again, using a swivel hook make this job a breeze.
  10. Take down for the winter: No one wants to look at a hanging basket of dead flowers!!

So there you have it, these 10 tips are sure to help you create hanging baskets that will liven up your porches, entries, decks, under trees, and just about anywhere else you’re looking add interest to your home and garden this season.

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