How to Untangle Your Dock Hose









It’s that time of year when the boat has seen so much sun, and especially fun, that it needs a really good wash-down.  It seems like such a simple task, load up the “products”, go down to the dock, spray the boat down with the dock hose, and away we go.  However, as usual when we get there the dock hose is a tangled, kinky mess that we’ll struggle, and fight with forever before we can even get to the wash-down!  As you’re untangling the hose you’re cursing out whoever put it away like that just as the person who used it after you cursed you out. 

NO ONE seems to be able to re-coil the dock hose in a manner that prevents the next person who uses it to go through what we’ve outlined above.  

So, we’ve outlined a routine below to help you and your “dock mates” keep the dock hose untangled…

  1. Walk the hose out to full length and lay it on the dock, untwisting and unkinking it as you go.
  2. Remove the hose nozzle, and walk back to the hose hanger. Turn the water on “full blast”, and let it run for a minute or so.  With the nozzle removed, and the water surging through it, the hose will spin out kinks and twists
  3. Turn the water off and begin re-coiling the hose in large loops.  Try to keep the loops a minimum of two-feet in diameter in your hand, not on the hose hanger. You can place groups of loops on the hanger if they get too heavy.
  4. Use big loops and help the hose lie naturally by flipping over, and/or twisting “backwards” loops as they come to hand.
  5. If this procedure is repeated after every use the hose will begin to “remember” how it’s supposed to coil, and voila problem solved.

So there you have it no more fighting with the kinky, tangled, heavy dock hose.

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