What We Found for New Perennials this 2012 Season…

So with the winter being so warm and mild my spring cleanup is already close to complete.  I have most of my beds cleared of, old growth, winter debris, and “lost” plants.  Now the beds are all cleaned out I’m finding that I have quite a few spots for some new perennials, and with all the new perennials out for 2012 I’m OK with it!  So as I was looking at what I thought would be perfect for my gardens, I thought why not throw together a blog post to share what I found.

Most of what I need is shade perennials so many of these will be “shady”, but I’ve mixed in some others as well…

“Sunny and Share” Fairy Wings





Description:  Green leaves Specked with bronze, and yellow bell shaped flowers.  Flowers in early April and well into the summer.  “The Sunny and Share” is also deer and rabbit resistant.

Size:  14” Tall up to 4’ wide

Conditions:  Light Shade well-drained soil

“Solar Eclipse” Foamy Bells





Description:  brown leaves that are rimmed with lime green. Puffy white flowers occur on 16" stalks in late spring.  Another plus is that it looks great in the winter as well

Size:  16” tall and 16” wide

Conditions:  Full sun to full shade

“Wheee!!!” Hosta





Description:  Elongated bright green leaves with creamy/yellow ruffled edges!  It’ll add texture and conversation to the bed. The “wheee” produces tall lavender flower spikes in early summer. Grow this beauty in shade gardens alongside other hostas.

Size:  18” tall and 30” wide

Conditions:  Light shade and well-drained soil

“Pretty in Pink” Fairy Wings





Description:  Green-and-raspberry eaves that in emerge in late March, followed by upright slender stalks upon that large, hovering pink-spur flowers.

Size:  18” tall and 3’ wide

Conditions:  Light shade and well-drained soil

Pretty Lady Series Anemones





Description:  Dwarf plants with lots of blooms. 'Pretty Lady Diana' bears sweet pink-petal flowers; 'Pretty Lady Emily' features a frill of double petals; and 'Pretty Lady Susan' offers single-petal pink flowers.  Fall anemones offer fresh color in summer-tired gardens.

Size:  16” tall and 2’ wide

Conditions:  Full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil

‘Dutch Chocolate' Baptisia





Description:  The long sprays of blooms are dark brown with purple tinges. This baptista blooms in late spring, and stays in flower for a long time in the garden.

Size:  3’ tall and 3’ wide

Conditions:  Full sun to partial sun and well-drained soil

So those are the perennials that I found to be fantastic.  I narrowed it to the ones that I was most likely to go out and get; otherwise this post would have been very long since there are hundreds of new varieties to choose from.  And don’t forget to get your TUFF GUARD brand Perfect Garden Hose to help you plant all of your new perennials!

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