Selecting the Perfect Garden Hose Nozzle…

Garden hose nozzles come in many different shapes and sizes, all with different attributes.  The hose nozzle is a must have whether your using it to water your garden or containers, wash your car, or washing down you deck, patio, or even your house.  But which nozzle works best for these, and other related tasks?

Let’s see if we can help you choose…

Straight or “Fireman’s” Nozzles

The Straight or AKA Fireman’s nozzle is built specifically to deliver a straight powerful stream of water.  This nozzle has a simple barrel shape that turns to adjust the stream and pressure.  This nozzle is perfectly suited for washing your car, patio, deck, even your house.  The powerful blast will remove the dirt and grime that can build up on these surfaces. The hose is not suited for watering your plants or related activities, as the blast can injure if not end the life of your plants.

Wand Nozzles

Wand nozzles are built to deliver a light, gentle mist or cascade of water.  These nozzles are much longer and held like a “wand” hence the name.  The length and gentle delivery is perfect for water hard to reach places such as hanging pots.  The wand is also perfect for watering your gardens and containers, as it delivers a gentle soaking cascade of water similar to a sprinkler.  Obviously this gentle type nozzle wouldn’t be appropriate for washing your car and the like.

Trigger Nozzles

The trigger nozzle is much like the straight nozzle only it’s much easier to control.  This nozzle is shaped like a gun, hence the name “trigger”.  However the trigger in this case is on the back of the nozzle, and is made so that the user can easily control the “blast”.   The lighter the user squeezes the trigger the gentler the discharge, the harder it’s squeezed the stronger the blast.  So in a way the trigger nozzle mimics both the wand and straight nozzle so it can be suited for all mentioned tasks.  Keep in mind however, in my experience if the trigger is not fully squeezed the cascade is more like a messy dribble it really is meant to provide the blast over the cascade.

Multiple Setting Nozzles

The multiple setting garden hose nozzle probably gives you the most “bang” for your buck.  This nozzle provides different settings to accommodate almost any job.  The nozzle comes with an adjustable head that you simply turn to select the right setting for the right task.  Obviously having so many settings, each is limited in its effectiveness.  What I mean to say is that if you’re looking for a powerful spray to wash your car, the setting for spray on a multiple setting nozzle may not be as effective as the straight or fireman’s nozzle since these nozzles are specifically made to deliver a powerful straight blast of water.  The same applies for all settings…

These four groups represent the majority of what is out there in terms of garden hose nozzles.  Yes there are some specialty nozzles that you can purchase for an exorbitant amount of money, but there just isn’t a need.  The nozzles can be found at your local hardware store and of course the nearest big box…

Hopefully we’ve made your nozzle decision a little less painful!

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