TUFF GUARD’s The Perfect Garden Hose Truly is the ONLY All Weather Garden Hose!

For those of you that have been following, you know that TUFF GUARD is located in Syracuse, New York and for those new to the TUFF GUARD blog, we’d like to extend a big welcome from central New York!  Temperatures in the past couple of weeks in Syracuse, New York have hovered right around 20°F, and in some cases right around 0°F.  As we all know these temperatures do not bode well for our garden hoses, and especially garden hoses that have been left outside with water in them.  The typical rubber, plastic, or PVC garden hose would become ridged and inflexible, crack to pieces, or burst.

And then there’s TUFF GUARD The Perfect Garden Hose! The Perfect Garden Hose’s all weather properties give it the ability to remain completely flexible at -20°F, and prevents cracks bursts, and also dry rot!   Last week one of our customers in Baldwinsville, NY was so shared this image and testimonial, and we wanted to pass it along to all of you (click image for more details):

I left my TUFF GUARD hose outdoors with residual water in it after washing the road salt of my car.  When I saw the hose in the morning the residual water had frozen inside the hose.  However, to my surprise I was able to unwind the hose from the reel completely and let the sun melt the ice during the day while I was at work.  When I returned home I found the ice melted, no holes or cracks in the hose, and I was able to wind it back in and put it inside”

Baldwinsville, NY

Thanks J.D. from the TUFF GUARD family we’re happy you’re impressed with The Perfect Garden Hose!

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